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Career Searches for College Students:

These search sites are especially helpful to students who are still unsure of their major and/or career.

There are two career software programs available to PC students: ECOS and DISCOVER (both on the Internet). Each of these career software programs includes a career assessment profile for exploring careers. DISCOVER requires you to have a pin number and can only be obtained from the counseling staff.

Please follow the steps below to create your own personalized account with ECOS to pursue a career and college search, as well as to take a career assessment to find out what careers suit you best:

    Step 1: Click here to jump to the ECOS "New Account Setup" page.
    Step 2: Enter the Member Code: 4821181805 and click Next.
    Step 3: Then input all required information and click Continue.
    If you already have an account with Ecos.Embark, go to their website at
However, there are many more Internet sites available to students that address many student questions on majors and careers. Therefore, let me guide you to some of these sites that will help you explore your career interests in a more in-depth manner than ever before. For example, students often ask counselors when they are not sure what types of jobs they can pursue through a particular major. For example: What Can I Do With a Major in Anthropology?

Here is a list of career possibilities for a student majoring in anthropology:
Archivist Scientific Linguist Anthropologist Advertisers
Art Conservator Social Science Analyst Biographer Behavioral Science Advisors
Professor Program Officer Ethnologist Archaeologist
Genealogist Health Science Administrator Librarian Community Planner
Paleontologist Foreign Affairs Officer Technical Writer Curator
Research Associate

How do I decide on a career?

Career Search is a way to find out about jobs and careers. If you already know what you want to do, go ahead and browse the list of Career Categories. Select a career to learn what to expect from a related job and what to do in school so that you can work toward a particular job you want. You'll find out about training and qualifications, what earnings to expect, and what the future holds for each occupation.

No one but you can decide your future. Why not be informed? Has deciding on a career become a dreaded job? Not sure what you want to do? Complete the Questionnaire to learn about jobs that match your likes and dislikes. You’ll definitely understand what kind of career would suit you best!

Fastest Growing Occupations and Projection between 2004 and 2014:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides descriptions of many occupations. Check it out— and
This site breaks it down by occupation, and by degree and non-degrees. For example, first-professional degree, doctoral degree, master’s degree, work experience plus bachelor’s or higher degree, bachelor’s degree, associate degree, postsecondary vocational training, work experience in a related occupation, and long-term on-the-job training (more than 12 months).

The Labor Market Support Services homepage from the Government of Manitoba is another site that addresses majors/careers as well as high demand occupations. It provides information on the labor market in Manitoba, including career planning information and high demand occupations. Occupational Information

All the sites I selected — having the domains: edu, org, gov — do not charge students for their services. They are user-friendly since one can quickly access information through the site index, site map, and information about the site. In addition, because these are “reference sites” developed by universities, government agencies, or publishers, they promote access to information and services — and they benefit students who are not clear about their major and need assistance with undeclared majors and useful insight into various career fields.

Please remember these counseling tools are to assist you in making career choices. Please meet with your counselor to discuss your career choices.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with ECOS or Discover, contact:

Mercy Herrera, Matriculation Coordinator/Counselor
Phone: 791-2337
Or e-mail her at:

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