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If you are on campus, come in and see what is happening in the Learning Center. We have had many changes over the past couple of semesters. In our lab area, we continue to offer self-paced lab classes. Our reading and writing lab students continue using the PLATO Pathways program. However, our math students are pleased with the introduction of ALEKS, another self-paced program.

We continue to offer a wide variety of tutoring. Writing mentors are now available in the Learning Center. Come in and see which will work best for you and your particular needs.

Some faculty members from the Language Arts department and the Science/Math department spend a certain amount of their time in the Learning Center, making themselves available to students for brief questions and some proof-reading of papers.

As you enter the library lobby turn left just past the burgundy couch. The Learning Center is located at the end of the short hallway.

Hours of operation during regular semesters:

Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m.-12 noon
Closed weekends

Services Offered

In the Learning Center, we offer many different types of help. We have tutors and writing mentors, as well as faculty who spend some of their day in the Learning Center giving additional assistance. Proctoring service is also available.

Tutorial Services
Free tutoring services are available to PC students who feel a need for assistance in a variety of subjects. Appointments with tutors may be made in the Learning Center. Further information can be obtained by visiting the Learning Center (LMC-13).

Writing Mentors
The writing mentors are students who assist other students with their writing assignments. Students can receive help from a mentor with any writing assignment for any class at PC. Mentors work out of an office in the Learning Center where they have computer access, writing manuals, and other resources. The writing mentor’s can also help students learn to use word processing programs. Students are free to “drop in” on a first come, first serve basis whenever a mentor is in the office. The mentor’s schedule is posted on their office door (LMC-13C).

Faculty Involvement through Title V
Thanks to a Title V Grant we received in 2003, we now have more instructors in the Learning Center than ever before. For the most part, we have a Language Arts and a Science/Math instructor in the Learning Center at all times. The Title V Lab instructors are available to help students with brief questions and some proof-reading of papers, as well as assistance with the academic portion of the lab classes. Click here to see the current lab instructor schedule.

Proctor Services
Proctoring service is available at Porterville College. Please contact Charlene Styer for additional information. Charlene's contact information is at the bottom of this page.


What are Clinics?

One example of a clinic would be a Writing Clinic. A Writing Clinic will be helpful to students who want their writing to communicate information or ideas more effectively—whether to get higher grades, or to inform, persuade, or entertain others.

Another example of a clinic would be a Math Anxiety Clinic. A Math Anxiety Clinic will be helpful to students who know the material but do poorly on tests. It will give you tips on how to prepare for a math test without the stress that some students feel.

Clinics are short workshops conducted in the Learning Center which last 20—30 minutes in length.

Contact Us

Charlene Styer
Learning Center Technician
Room LMC-13D

Phone 559-791-2227
Fax 559-791-2289

Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm
Friday 8am-12pm.

Catherine Hodges
Associate Professor of English/Learning Center Coordinator
Room LMC-25

Phone 559-791-2240
Fax 559-791-2289

Mrs. Hodges’ schedule is posted in the Learning Center and on her office door.

Stewart Hathaway
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Room SM-104

Phone 559-791-2262
Fax 559-791-2289

Mr. Hathaway’s schedule is posted in the Learning Center and on his office door.

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